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Signs Your Daycare Provider Isn't Making Your Baby Happy

Daycare isn't the same for all kids. While others will settle fast in their new childcare environment, others will become upset and cry, even weeks after joining. Other kids will settle right in, only to get upset later- especially when they get used to their new environment. It's common for most children to have a hard time getting used to daycare or school since they're used to being around familiar people such as their mom, dad, a nanny, grandparent, auntie, or another close person. But does your? There's probably more to their behavior. Of course, you took your time to .

However, not all daycare providers are up to par. And since your kid may not be old enough, doesn't speak yet, and lacks the maturity to identify problems at the daycare and tell you about it, you have to be alert to even the slightest sign of distress or discomfort that your child shows. Here are 8 that your daycare provider isn't making your child happy.

8 Cries Before Drop-Off

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Kids cry when they're unable to speak or express their discomfort. Crying is the first indication of distress that you will notice. If they start to cry before dropping them off at daycare daily, then this isn't a good sign. Your child is clearly unhappy or isn't comfortable at the facility.

7 They Get Scared Or Reluctant When You Mention Daycare

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Does your child seem scared and is adamant about leaving the house or get into the daycare? According to , this is another sign that all isn't rosy at daycare. Your baby may not be feeling loved or secure at the facility. Reach out to other parents to see if their kids are also reluctant about attending daycare. If they are, then together, the daycare personnel can address the issue.


6 They're No Longer Their Old Self

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It's normal for your child to be angry, moody, or sad. But if your once happy and active child suddenly has withdrawal symptoms or throws temper tantrums after starting at daycare or after being there for a while, then something's off. It's common for kids to take time to get used to daycare, and and rebel. But if there's no improvement even months after joining daycare, then it's evident that your child isn't happy there, and you should start looking for friendlier options.

5 Your Child Is Clingier Than Usual At Home

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According to , when a child is stressed, they'll become clingier than usual towards their parents when they're at home. Is your baby latching herself onto your leg the moment you pick her up from daycare and refusing to let go until it's time to go to bed? That may be a sign that all isn't well at daycare, especially if they're behaving this way after starting daycare, and it hasn't subsided after a couple of weeks or so.

4 They're Sleepless & Have Nightmares

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A child's sleep pattern is affected when they're scared or distressed. Something unpleasant happening at daycare can leave your child restless and uneasy. Something that seems so small to you may be so disturbing for your child that it causes . If everything at home seems fine, then check if something at the daycare is bothering your child.

3 Regression

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Nothing makes mommy happier than when your baby finally outgrows the annoying thumb sucking habit or when they've finally and can finally go to the bathroom by themselves. According to , if your kiddo starts to show signs of regression after going to daycare for a couple of months, such as suddenly starting to suck their thumb to self-soothe or forgetting potty training, then they're likely stressed.

2 They Get Ill Constantly

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A critical pointer that the facility you've chosen isn't suitable for your baby is their general health. According to , while it's normal for kids to fall sick as they grow, constantly falling ill raises the alarm. Suppose your otherwise healthy baby starts to catch infections and is constantly sick after joining daycare. In that case, the facility is likely not maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation necessary for a daycare setup.

1 They Have Cuts & Bruises

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Kids play and fight all the time, causing cuts and bruises once in a while. But if it becomes a regular thing, then you should be worried. It's a sign that the staff isn't vigilant enough. And in rare cases, the caregivers themselves can be doing the harm. With too many kids to take care of, some caregivers may start to punish kids; they'll pinch and hit them in order to control them. In such cases, change the provider immediately!


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