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TikTok Mom's Onesie Hack Goes Viral | BabyGaga

In a blink of an eye, babies grow out of their . While some cannot be salvaged, those that can are generally because there is nothing else that can be done with them when they become too small, or so many parents thought. Little did they know that there is a way to upcycle an old onesie not just into one usable item but two. And this is all thanks to one mom sharing her genius .

A mother named Gressia, known as on TikTok to encourage parents to reuse onesies that have gotten too small for their babies.

In the video, according to , Gressia explains how an old onesie can be transformed into a bib as well as a shirt.

To create the new items out of the onesie, the mother-of-one takes a pair of scissors and cuts directly above the leg holes of the onesie.


As soon as Gressia is done cutting, she shows off how simple it was to create a bib. What was once the midsection of the onesie is now the portion of the bib that is worn around the neck. And the area of the bib that catches the food before it makes its way onto clothing is the section of the onesie with snaps.

To illustrate how the new bib works, Gressia places it over her daughter, Emilia, and the bib fits perfectly.

The bib is not the only thing that comes out of the old onesie, however. Gressia shows how the remainder of the onesie can be turned into a regular shirt for her baby to wear.

For many babies, the reason that they are no longer able to wear onesies is not that they do not fit in the arms or midsection. It is because babies grow in length most of the time. And a simple way to extend the life of the onesie is to remove the section that buttons around the diaper. Voila! More bang for the buck when it comes to baby clothes.

According to , the video showing this ingenious has gotten over 4.4 million views. And based upon the vast number of comments that viewers have left, most are kicking themselves for not coming up with this idea while they had to save themselves some money.

With as many people who have taken a gander at this video, it would not be surprising to see babies with matching shirts and bibs out in public. And it is all thanks to Gressia and her amazing hack.


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