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Dad's Yard Work Hack While Feeding Baby; Multitasking At Its Finest

When people become parents, they learn how to take multitasking to the next level. This is especially true when one parent is responsible for the children while the other is otherwise disposed and things still need to get done around the home. And while many parents have gotten pretty good at caring for the children while working on another task, a who needed to catch on yard work devised a  to feed his baby, taking his status to "Dad level 1,000."

Darcey Bru is a busy dad, who, like most parents, needs more hours in the day to get everything done. Because of this, the father-of-two devised a hack with how to get yard work done while feeding an at the same time.

According to , last June, Bru posted a in which he explained his for working in the yard while keeping a baby occupied and fed is accomplished.


Bru, who goes by , begins by stating that the first thing necessary to achieving his ultimate multitasking with a baby is putting the little one in a baby wearer. Why is this? Because the baby wearer allows the baby to be close, where he wants to be, while parents are hands-free. And a hands-free parent is a parent who can do multiple things at one time.

The next step to keeping a hungry baby occupied while doing work around the house is, of course, feeding the baby.

To feed his little one, Bru fashioned a necklace out of cereal o's on a string. And because of the placement of his little one, the baby can take bites off of the necklace as he pleases. This means that as long as the necklace has food, the baby should be a happy camper.

According to , babies are ready to eat solid foods like oat cereal around nine months old. When they eat it, it should be eaten one piece of cereal at a time and eaten in an upright position to prevent choking. And with this amazing hack, all of this is accomplished.

Since the video was posted, while Bru has 15,000 followers, according to , it has had nearly 29,000 likes and 285 comments, of which all were extremely positive.

From "Dad level 1,000" to "CEO of multitasking," "Dads take note" and "You've nailed it, Dad."

It just goes to show that with a little bit of ingenuity, multitasking with a baby is not impossible. As long as the baby is safe while multiple tasks are being completed and the little one is always the priority, creativity is a parent's best friend. All of which was accomplished in this amazing video starring Bru and his baby.


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