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Osteopath Shares Clever Tricks For Helping Babies Digest Better

Many babies suffer from , which can lead to discomfort and fussiness. But this for helping aid a baby’s digestion are going viral on TikTok, and many parents swear by her advice.

Osteopaths practice alternative medicine that focuses on the manipulation of the body’s bones and muscle tissues, such as through or stretching. They can help reduce pain, promote physical mobility, and better the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.


Danielle Manton-Kelly is a mom-of-four from Ferndown, Dorset. She’s known as @enchantednanny on TikTok, where she has over 38,000 followers. Lucy has posted a variety of videos in which she shares her parenting advice, are two clips are specifically making the rounds on the Internet.

The first TikTok video shows her being looked at by Lucy Ross-Brown, an osteopath who works primarily with infants. In the clip, which was titled “,” the osteopath showed how parents can “create a movement” in their baby’s stomachs to reduce the pain associated with indigestion.

In the clip, the osteopath instructs parents to hold the baby’s torso and move their stomach in a clockwise direction. Lucy explained this helps prevent milk from pooling in one place and fermenting, reports.

The baby boy’s mother was filming the clip and could be heard expressing her surprise in the background, saying she’s never seen her baby stretch like that. “[It’s] amazing,” she commented.

The TikTok video had been viewed more than 85,000 times. It also received countless comments from parents who swear it works. More than that, many parents added they wish they knew this information beforehand, as it would’ve been a game-changer.

“You can tell he’s enjoying it, must be so relieving for them,” one TikTok user commented. “This account will be a game changer for me! Can’t wait to try this on my 3-month-old,” a different mother wrote. Another person added, “[You] should have your own show! Seriously! This would be revolutionary for both kids and parents.”

Danielle later posted a follow-up video to her TikTok account that featured Lucy sharing a second technique to aid digestion – and this video went even more viral. It’s been viewed more than 2.3 million times.

The second video, called “” showed lucy holding the baby with his back up, while his arms and legs were stretched out. The osteopath proceeded to move the baby’s bottom, explaining it helps move the milk in babies that aren’t yet on their own.

Danielle’s infant could be seen cooing and giggling in the sweet clip. She added that she’s never seen the baby so relaxed.

Just like the first video, many commenters said they’ve tried the trick for themselves and have seen success. Others said they couldn’t wait to try it out with their own baby and that they wished they would’ve known this important hack earlier on.


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