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Great Pets For Toddlers That Are Not Dogs Or Cats | BabyGaga

When bringing a , it is important to find one that is sturdy enough to be able to handle the little ones while they are learning how to be gentle and not skittish when hearing toddlers scream or run around without abandon. And while cats and dogs can fall into this category, it is not always feasible to bring these furry animals into the house. As such, it is necessary to that is neither a cat nor a dog.

The go-to animals for many households are cats and dogs. Because of their kind nature and the fact that many are tolerant of , they can be the perfect fit for a young family. However, with these fur babies comes allergies that many are unable to tolerate. As such, alternatives need to be found for those families that are not only toddler-friendly but do not drop the type of dander that dogs and cats do . And while it may seem like a difficult task to come up with alternative animals, it is fairly easy to bring a pet into the home that will fit the bill.


Here are great pets for toddlers that are not dogs or cats.

6 Fish

via Pexels/Tim Mossholder

Fish not only make a great alternative to a dog and cat, but they are also a perfect first pet for toddlers.

With their colorful scales and constant movement, fish can prove to be very entertaining animals for little ones. And because they can thrive in habitats from small bowels for one fish like a betta who likes to live solo to a larger with different fish who live harmoniously, there are several options parents have to choose from when bringing fish into the home.

Fish also are fairly easy to care for. While their water does need to be changed every 10 days or so, according to , outside of regular feedings, there is not much more that needs to be done. And because the feedings are easy to do, toddlers learn a sense of responsibility when they are put in charge of feeding their fish friend daily.

5 Canaries

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With their beautiful yellow color and the songs, they sing throughout the day, what toddler would not love to watch canaries interact with one another?

One of the things that make canaries a good pet for a toddler is the fact that they do not need to be handled, according to . Therefore, regardless of how fragile canaries are, because they will not be handled by little hands, that factor does not come into play.

The one thing to note about canaries, according to the publication, is that they fare better if they have a friend or two to live with. Because of this, parents should be prepared to purchase at least two or three canaries at a time to keep them happy and singing.

4 Guinea Pigs

via Pexels/Scott Webb

When thinking about getting a pet for toddlers, one of the biggest things that parents need to think about is how sturdy the pets are. And while things such as bunnies, rats, and hamsters may cross parents' minds as a pet for their little one, these animals are not hardy enough to be around toddlers. But, according to , guinea pigs, which are similar to these animals, are.

With their fun personalities, the fact that they are easy to care for, and their long life in comparison to other rodents, toddlers will love having a guinea pig as a pet. And because they eat some of the same food toddlers do with their diet of vegetables, not only will toddlers enjoy feeding them, it may get them to include more vegetables in their diet as well.

3 Ants

via Pexels/Michael Willinger

It may seem strange to purposefully bring ants into the house when it is the goal to remove them from the house when a trail of them is located but having ants as pets is not only entertaining for toddlers, it is educational as well.

Ant farms are great fun for toddlers because they get to see how the colony changes the farm from day to day. The worker ants create intricate pathways in the ant farm where toddlers will be able to see how the ants bring food back into the ant farm. They can also see how the queen ant lays eggs and creates more ants.

Depending upon how the ant farm is set up, they may need their food supplement. If this is the case, according to , they will need to be provided "sugar, honey, or special pastes should be diluted with water."

2 Snakes

via Pexels/Pixabay

Bringing a snake into the home may not be the choice of all parents but according to , some snakes make great pets for those families with young children.

The three main snakes that are great for toddlers are corn snakes, Californian king snakes, and ball pythons, according to the publication.

All of the snakes can stay in terrariums and will need to be kept warm. They will also live between 20 to 30 years. As such, keep that in mind if considering purchasing a snake. Or, perhaps even consider rehoming one who has gotten too large for their current home, so that they can live out their days comfortably.

1 Chickens

via Pexels/Maxine Novick

From their ability to lay eggs and even be very social animals, chickens, and specifically, hens, make great pets for toddlers.

Before taking on chickens as pets, it is best to ensure that the property available will accommodate the feathery ladies. If it will, according to , it takes as few as three hens to be able to reap the benefits of fresh eggs. And because these chickens are also very affectionate, it would not be surprising for them to bond with the toddlers taking care of them.

The best part about having chickens is that they are relatively low maintenance. They need to be fed daily, require fresh water, and a bit of cleaning around the coop. And when this is done, chickens will greet their little caregivers with gusto every time they come near the coop.


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