7 Baby Shower Gifts That Never Go Out Of Style

Baby showers are so fun to help throw and attend! Each one is a celebration of new life and the creation of a new family. Parents-to-be typically only have one baby shower for their first child, so you’ll want to make your present something special that they’ll get plenty of use out of. They probably already have a registry to choose from, but not all new parents know what they’ll really need in the process of raising a baby. Baby shower gifts are something every mom—new or experienced—truly needs…and deserves! It’s okay to throw in some gifts that experienced moms love and some that will never go out of style. Here are our favorite picks!

Here’s our top choices when it comes to timeless baby shower gifts… 

baby shower gifts

Nursing Pillows & Infant Loungers

If the mom-to-be plans on , a nursing pillow is a must-have item that will help support the baby and give her tired arms some relief. Even if breastfeeding doesn’t work out (and there are many reasons that could happen), the nursing pillow becomes a wonderful wrap-around support for the baby when they are just learning to sit.

For a more all-around support for newborns, infant loungers are the perfect choice. These soft, comfy pillows cradle babies from infancy until about six months of age. They’re perfect for holding the baby on the mom’s lap for long periods or while bottle feeding. In fact, a nursing pillow and a lounger could make a great gift set!

Baby Swings are Always Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

If you’ve ever had trouble getting a fussy newborn to sleep, you’ll know the value of a motorized baby swing. This idea has been around for a long time — years ago, people used rocking cradles for the same effect! Today, motorized baby swings or gliders come in many different shapes and designs, and they come in very handy in the first several months of a baby’s life. Consider going with a gender-neutral design if the mom-to-be plans on having more than one child, so she can get use out of it for years to come!

baby shower gifts

Gliders and Rocking Chairs

Hundreds of years ago, mothers rocked their babies to sleep on simple wooden rocking chairs — and the same can be said for mothers in this era, as well! Today, the most popular version of a rocking chair is referred to as a “glider,” and it includes a gliding footrest and comfortable padding to keep both mom and baby cozy during those late nights and early mornings.

These completely silent gliders and footrests are . After all, there will be many, many long days and nights where mom or dad will use it to calm a wailing little one and send them off to dreamland. This item will come in handy throughout the first year of a child’s life, and sometimes even longer!

Baby Onesies and Socks

This one is a no-brainer — babies need plenty of clothes, and onesies are the gold standard! Shirts and pants can work for little ones, but they tend to ride up or down as parents are picking up the baby, which can get uncomfortable. Thankfully, onesies stay in place!

Depending on the time of year the baby is born and the climate, you may want to buy or stick with short-sleeve designs. There are tons of designs available, so you’ll be able to get some funny, cute, and adorable onesies that will get laughs and awws at the baby shower.

When thinking about size, you can get onesies from newborn to 18 months. Pair them with fancy for a gift set that will get plenty of use!

baby shower gifts

Toys That Can Hang Anywhere

via velcro or a hook device are perfect for attaching to infant car seats, strollers, baby swings, high chairs, shopping carts, and more! From about one month old, babies are already scoping out the world around them, and they may even start reaching for toys hanging above them. As they grow and become more mobile, they’ll go through phases where everything they can get their hands on gets thrown on the floor. This is the time where toys that can be hooked to something really come in handy!

Board Books

Babies love being read to from the start, and reading is a great way to foster their development and start a bedtime routine. Board books are made from thick cardboard, so babies (and older children) can’t tear them up. At some point, babies will also learn to turn pages, and board books make that so much easier!

Some of the best board books for babies are ones with thick flaps that can be opened on each page. They’ll love opening the flaps again and again. Board books also make a great replacement for a greeting card. Greeting cards often get thrown away, but a book will last much longer!

baby shower gifts

Gifts for the Mother-to-Be Make Wonderful Baby Shower Gifts!

Most people buy gifts for the baby when attending a baby shower, but the mom-to-be will be pleasantly surprised when she opens a gift set that’s just for her! Some items that could be included in a gift for the mom include nursing bra pads, lanolin nipple cream, belly butter for stretch marks, pain-relieving sprays, loose nightgowns or a robe, slippers, and breast milk alcohol test strips (so mom can confidently have a relaxing drink every now and then). A dress with a matching baby onesie is also a great idea!

A baby shower is a special event that will be remembered fondly by the parents-to-be, so make an impact with a gift that’s just as special! Whether it’s a traditional shower with games for the ladies or a modern, co-ed shower party, you’ll feel like a winner when the parents open a gift with extra thought put into it.

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