Common Twin Pregnancy Fears: Relief Is Coming!

Twin pregnancy fears keeping you up at night? Let’s discuss some of the most common twin pregnancy fears so we can put you and your worries to bed!

Each pregnancy comes with both joy and fear. It’s only natural to fear the unknown. We can read all the books, but we’ll still find ourselves not quite knowing what to expect. If you’re the only one among your social circle to have twins, you may feel even more . Hang in there, relief is in sight!

Common Twin Pregnancy Fears

Premature Labor

Most assume that they will have nine months to prepare for baby, or at least 37 to 40 weeks. With twins, many moms wonder, “Will my babies come early? If so, will they be healthy?”

While more than half of twins are born early, are born before 32 weeks. While you can’t control when your babies will be born, there are a few factors you can take control of to give your babies the best chance of staying put: eating healthy, getting regular and going in to get checked any time you feel like something is off.

Even if your little ones decide to make an early appearance, they will most likely be just fine. In modern times, the age of viability is very low, as low as 24 weeks gestation, and even younger babies have survived and thrived. Any baby over 27 weeks has odds .


Auto Draft 104Money is a big concern for every parent. Newborn babies go through about 10 diapers per day. Planning ahead is a huge help, but honestly, if we all waited until we were financially ready, we wouldn’t ever reproduce. You may be worried that twice the babies equals twice the expenses, but that isn’t exactly true.

Your babies don’t need nearly as much as you might think. Consider buying less expensive diaper brands and definitely have a diaper shower! Not likely to skimp on the disposables? Don’t worry. You can cut expenses elsewhere. Look for free or low-cost gently used clothing. Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly, there’s not much point in buying all their clothing new.

Remember, you don’t need two of everything! , yes, but your kiddos can share a swing, bouncer, , and other baby gear.

Birthing Twins

Twins can be born vaginally, barring any complications. While many twins will ultimately require a , keep in mind that surgery is commonly needed for singleton births as well.

The best way to prepare yourself for birth is to take a . Your instructor can help you work through any specific fears you may have surrounding birth. The is almost universal among pregnant women. You should know that your body is made to do the job, that your babies will be delivered one way or another and that in the end, you’ll be holding them no matter how you delivered. , but expect the unexpected. Include in your plan. The extra preparation can help calm your fears.

Actually Caring for Two Babies

Yes, two babies may be a bit more hectic than one, but there are advantages to having children who are the same age. Your children will be playmates to each other, and you’ll only have to do toilet training once!

For some great tips on the exact logistics of caring for two, look into online or in your area. Find your support system as well, be it your family, your partner, a mom group or all the above.

from the day they come home. Twins moms are incredibly creative when it comes to finding ways to feed, bathe and diaper-change two babies at once. You’ll be an expert before you know it! Once you find your groove, and you will, doubling the parenting duty won’t seem daunting at all.


Don’t let fear overcome your joy. Do all of the things you would do if you weren’t afraid. Take those , do the 3D ultrasound, have a baby shower and own your pregnancy. You’re stronger than you know.

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