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Mini 8×8 RGBW LED Matrix Panel!

Adding colourful LEDs to your workspace, living room, or bedroom has a unique, subtle, and calming effect which we can all appreciate in modern times. The is a neat square of 64 addressable LED lights which are RGBW and can be used on all manner of art or illumination purposes.

This programmable LED square has a huge range of uses; from making a simple 3D cube using 6 panels, to having a mini pixel art frame, or to make a giant video wall using loads of them! It’s made up of 8×8 LEDs and measures 67.5 x 67.5mm and requires a small amount of soldering to attach the connection wires to the panel. the LEDs are RGBW SK6812 (WS2812 / NeoPixel compatible) and can be used with any library or LED controller that supports RGBW WS2812 / NeoPixel. It’s suitable for displays, programmable illumination sources or textures to be diffused in illumination projects. Coming from the maker of the, frankly life-changing , you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality product from an established name.


This 8×8 RGBW LED Matrix is sold by , who are based in the USA and have an astonishing range of illuminating products which will subtly change your life! They also offer from their amazing Tindie store, check out their full range of goodies.