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SGI Octane MIDI Adapter

Making music on all kinds of equipment seems like flavour of the month – with all kinds of chip music sequencer, trackers, and adapters available for modern music setups. This is ideal for making music using MIDI with an , capable of sending and receiving MIDI messages for all sorts of musical uses.

Using MIDI opens up a world of music making possibilities, with the ability to sequence and store all kinds of electronic instruments, drum sounds, and effects. This MIDI adapter will add MIDI capability to your SGI machine, and comes fully assembled and tested. It comes complete with a DB9 cable to connect to your SGI Octane/O2 as well as a 12V power adapter. It’s completely plug and play requiring no drivers to work straight out of the box – just plug into serial port 1 or 2 to get started. You’ll need some MIDI software installed on your machine to start making music.

If you’re in need of some MIDI melodies from your IRIX workstation, then the SGI Octane/O2 MIDI Adapter is the one for you! It’s sold by   who are based in Austin Texas, offering a near selection of musical devices we recommend you check out.

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