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Super ROM Expansion For The Spectrum!


The ZX Spectrum is a classic of vintage home computing, released in April of 1982 and was at one time Britians best-selling microcomputer – I imagine the Raspberry Pi has now taken this mantle! If you’ve still got your Speccy then the will be of great interest to you, with a massive 256kb of ROM data for testing, repairing, and programming software for your beloved beauty!

The ZX Sepctrum is an 8-Bit microcomputer which allows for all manner of gaming, programming, and design tools – each of which can be loaded as a ROM image and saved on this expoansion card. You’ve got 256kb to pay with, meaning a total of 12 optional 16kb ROMs in 48k mode or 2 optional 32kb ROMs in 128k mode – with a range of diagnostic and creative programs on the card, listed on the product page.

It’s compatible with the Spectrum 16K/48K/128K/128K/Didaktik/ZX Nucleon 512KB and other clones with the standard Spectrum SYSTEM BUS connector. You can access the full documentation for the SUPER External ROM

The SUPER External ROM 256KB ZX Spectrum is sold who are based in Czechia, and have a number of 8-Bit inspired goodies, many of which are for the Speccy.