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Tindie Sellers: Map Your Worldwide Sales!

If you’ve sold items on Tindie, you may find it entertaining that something you made or provided has made its way to place X, Y, or Z. Perhaps you’ve even thought it would be fun to have some sort of map to track these geographic statistics. I know I have, but the assumed work involved in generating such a map always made it seem out of the realm of (realistic) possibility.

In reality, it’s not hard at all; you can easily generate a custom Google Map of your sales locations by following the instructions provided by , on Twitter:

The procedure doesn’t require any programming, and I had map done in about 10-15 minutes. This was inspired by the sea of dots on prolific seller map, shown directly below:

It’s a small investment of time to get such interesting results. At the very least, it’s quite fun to visualize where your products are going. Perhaps it could give you a bit of insight as to where you could start selling, or even how to expand your existing markets!

Once you’ve generated your map, be sure to or use the hashtag to share it with the world!