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EXPANDOID: Werkstatt Expansion For External Interaction!

The Moog Werkstatt is a tabltop powerhouse of a synthesizer, originally released by Moog in 2014 as a ‘Workshop’ (in German: Werkstatt) synth to build yourself. Well, now the Werkstatt is on version 2 it comes with an expander as standard – however the mk1 expander is now discontinued and hard to find so the only option for expansion might be the from midierror.

This small but highly useful PCB breaks out the pin headers on the Werkstatt and makes them accessible to 3.5mm jack sockets, which are all grounded as per the original expander via the enclosure connection. Patch the beast of a synth into itself or hook it up to external gear for control over its many gloriosu parameters! The EXPANDOID comes as a fully completed unit or as a kit of components, both weighing in at around 45g and connecting solidly to your unit via 20 header pins and a screw.

EXPANDOID has controls for VCF, VCA, LFO, VCO and many other synth elements, as detailed on the product page. It comes from the store of midierror, who sells all manner of MIDI, audio and circuit bending goodies. If you have a mk1 Werkstatt and you’re looking to integrate it with other gear, you’re opportunity is back!


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