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Special eChallenge Coin!

Challenge coins are traditionally small items that signify an accomplishment or membership in an organization, such as the military. The by Bradán Lane STUDIO, however, turns this concept on its head, acting as the challenge in itself.

The coin-shaped electronic device features 4 interactive challenges that you solve using the onboard LEDs, built-in piezo buzzer, and touch sensors arranged around the perimeter. You can also interact with 3 story-based challenges, which are played with the help of its UART interface. By clipping onto the appropriate coin contacts, the story is transmitted to a computer terminal over a serial connection. There’s also a bonus to unlock, as well as four demo modes that you can play with when you’re not working on a challenge.

More info on the coin is found on , featuring the story mode’s protagonist Sara Cladlow. While usage instructions aren’t explicit, you’ll find some basic info about how the device works to get your started, and creator Bradán gives hints from time to time . The coin is a followup to the , which is retired, but may give you some input on what to expect from the 2021 edition.

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