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Hybrid IGBTs cut loss and power

Rohm’s RGWxx65C automotive IGBTs employ an integrated 650-V SiC Schottky barrier diode in the IGBT feedback block. This fast-recovery freewheeling diode has almost no recovery energy, thus minimal diode switching loss. Additionally, since the recovery current does not have to be handled by the IGBT in turn-on mode, IGBT turn-on loss is significantly reduced.

Both effects together result in up to 67% lower loss over conventional IGBTs and 24% lower loss compared with super-junction MOSFETs when used in vehicle chargers. It also provides good cost performance, while contributing to lower power consumption in automotive and industrial applications. The AEC-Q101 qualified IGBTs can be used in photovoltaic power conditioners, onboard chargers, and DC/DC converters in electric and electrified vehicles (xEVs).

The RGW60TS65CHR, RGW80TS65CHR, and RGW00TS65CHR hybrid IGBTs provide a collector current of 30 A, 40 A, and 50 A, respectively, at 100°C. All three devices have a collector-emitter voltage of 650 V and low collector-emitter saturation voltage of 1.5 V typical. Power dissipation for the 30-A RGW60TS65CHR, 40-A RGW80TS65CHR, and 50-A RGW00TS65CHR is 178 W, 214 W, and 254 W, respectively, at 25°C. The operating junction temperature range of the devices is -40°C to +175°C.

Samples of the hybrid IGBTs in TO-247N packages are available now, with mass production slated for December 2021. Design support material is available on Rohm’s website, including simulation (SPICE) models and application notes on drive circuit design.

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