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Image sensors aid industrial sorting

The Tetra family of CMOS line-scan sensors from Teledyne e2v offers 2K and 4K resolution at a maximum aggregate line rate of 128 kHz. Configured with single, dual, or quad outputs, Tetra linear sensors deliver monochrome, color, and multispectral imaging for machine-vision applications such as food sorting, recycling, pick-and-place, and document scanning.

Sensors with 2K resolution have a pixel size of 14×14 μm, while sensors with 4K resolution have a pixel size of 7×7 μm. Monochrome models can be configured to output one, two, or four rows. Color models provide RGB and monochrome outputs. Sensors outfitted with wafer-level coated dichroic filters deliver spectrally independent RGB and near-infrared outputs for multispectral imaging. This RGB+NIR capability is beneficial for enhanced quality and safety in food sorting.

Tetra sensors employ a synchronized shutter and provide low read noise and high dynamic range with true correlated double sampling. Each channel has independent exposure control that can be used to achieve white balancing. The sensors’ digital 12-bit LVDS outputs allow simple interfacing for easy system integration. Housed in ceramic LCC packages, the Tetra image sensors furnish reliable operation over a wide temperature range.

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