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TechSearch International’s Analysis Shows Shortage of FC-BGAs Substrates Persists

Despite capacity increases this year, and additional plans through 2025, demand for FC-BGA substrates is outstripping supply. What’s driving the insatiable demand? Larger substrates are required to support high-performance applications including silicon interposers larger than reticle size and large-area fan-out. The adoption of chiplets requires a complex substrate. With 7, 8, 9, or 10 build-up layers required on each side, more manufacturing capacity is needed to meet package demand for servers, AI, and network switching applications. TechSearch International quantifies the gap between manufacturing demand and capacity and shows it will continue through 2025. The report explores new package and substrate developments, including RDL interposers and glass.

The new Advanced Packaging Update covers the latest developments in co-packaged optics. The report also discusses continued semiconductor shortages and OSAT financials. IC package substrate design rules for major suppliers are included in the report.

The latest APU is a 97-page report with full references and an accompanying set of 50 PowerPoint slides.

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