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Best GPS Dog Tracker in Canada for 2021

Your pet dog going missing is most likely on the top five list of worst feelings ever. The truth is that it’s always going to be a possibility so it’s better to be safe than sorry. One foolproof way to prepare is by getting a GPS Dog Tracker. If your dog ever wanders off, you’ll know exactly where to find him or her.

In the research we conducted where we compared the different trackers available, the turned out to be the best in the market and is our editor’s pick. Our runner-up is the . It is not enough to know they’re great trackers, but also what makes them the best. Let’s take a look at how all the listed products compare. 

Detailed Reviews

Editor’s choice:  

Top Features

  • 20,000 miles tracking coverage
  • Waterproof holder

When you’re talking about a tracker you can count on, the is a winner.  It has a tracking range of up to 20,000 miles. It comes with a replaceable battery and an extended battery option that can last 2 weeks while giving updates at 1 minute intervals. You can also manually ping the device to provide an update at a shorter interval. You can access the tracker via an app on your phone and desktop. 

The tracker is small and weighs 1.4 oz which is lighter than others. It works in over 180 countries which means it’s still useful to you if you ever travel out of the country briefly or relocate. It can be attached with a belt, keychain, and even magnet. The sim that aids tracking is built in the mini cell phone you receive. This unit can also make use of Bluetooth in locating your dog.


  • Locates dog up to 20,000 miles away
  • Small size
  • Live customer support
  • Waterproof
  • Accessible via phone and desktop


  • Monthly subscription
  • Falls off often

User Reviews

A lot of users are glad about the many features has and how versatile it is. Users however complain that the subscription fee is high. There have also been a few complaints about the app updating slowly and inaccurately sometimes. One user said the battery does not last as long as advertised.

Runner up:

Top Features

  • No monthly fee
  • Records voice call

The is our runner-up for many reasons. It can cover a distance of 3 miles in an open area but only 0.64 miles in an enclosed environment. It monitors some of your dog’s activities like its tracks, the number of steps taken, and the duration of exercise. Since it does not use mobile networks, there is less hassle with looking for signals. You can set up a safe zone and a danger zone with your map. Once your dog wanders away from the safe zone or wanders into the danger zone, it triggers the alarm. You can also record a voice call. The battery life depends on your use as it drains depending on the distance. Who doesn’t love a tracker that is not so sensitive to water? It is rainproof and can withstand a little bit of spray at the park so you have nothing to worry about. It can also be used as a cat tracker.


  • Has no-monthly fee
  • Offers real-time tracking
  • Does not require a mobile network
  • Monitors pet’s activities
  • Works in urban areas
  • Allows safe range settings
  • LED lights for night tracking
  • Battery life of 8-16 hours
  • Has compact charging station


  • Cannot be used to swim
  • Covers only 0.65 miles in urban areas

User Reviews 

Users have generally praised the customer support of the brand and described them as helpful, kind, and responsive. There have been complaints about the app being unstable although they agree that it is easy to use. 

Best battery life:

Top Features

  • Monthly subscription
  • Real-time tracking

comes with a range of useful features. With it, your dog’s location would be updated every 2-3 seconds. Charging is fast and takes about 2 hours to get to a full charge and then lasts 2-5 days. The app is free to install on your phone and you can choose between monthly and yearly subscription plans. Setting a virtual fence that acts as a safe space will bring you a lot of peace. Once your dog wanders off, you’ll be alerted. It is also fully waterproof.


  • Waterproof
  • 2-5 days battery life


  • Requires excellent cell coverage
  • Does not work in Rural areas

User Reviews

A lot of users are happy with this purchase. A user complained about how can only be monitored by one person per time. Another user advised going the extra length to make sure that the tracker is attached firmly to your dog’s collar 

Best for health monitoring:  

Top Features

  • Health monitoring
  • Nutrition calculator

which helps you mark a safe range for your dog doubles as a health tracker. Keeping your dog safe also involves watching it closely for any bodily changes. You can’t be there all the time, so the tracker helps you with that. That way, you can send a report to your doctor every 30 days. With the subscription plan, you get access to certified veterinary doctors for a limited period. The health monitoring feature only gets better as you can get a nutrition calculator helping you know exactly what to feed your pet.


  • Mark out virtual safe space
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • Nutrition calculator
  • Tele-vet services


  • Need to be serviced by AT&T
  • Works only in Canada and the USA

User Reviews

Some users have complained about the battery life of that it is a far cry from what was advertised. A user advised that it is not suitable for use as a cat tracker. Although it is a GPS collar, it tends to stop updating once out of the Wi-Fi range.

Best for long range with no monthly fee:

Top Features

  • Up to 16 km range
  • It is expandable allowing you connect more collars to the unit

It’s no news that many dogs like to play in water so it’s only expected that a dog tracker is waterproof. This tracker is great for your hunting exercises as it can track your dog as far as 16km away. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, this unit comes with a manual and training DVD showing you exactly how to use your unit – all you need to start using it. You can add up to 21 collars to this unit which enables you track up to 21 dogs with one unit.


  • Waterproof
  • Expandable – allows you add up to 21 collars
  • Can locate up to 16km  far
  • Preloaded topo maps


  • Suitable for only dogs 3.6 kg or larger
  • The collar can only be used to track the dog and not train it

User Reviews

Users complain about how expensive the is, but understand that there is no monthly fee attached to its use. Some have pointed out that it only tracks the dog but does nothing to train it.

How We Picked the Best Products

With a GPS tracker, going for the best is important because you need it to work all the time. We didn’t do random picks, but instead considered certain factors in our selection process.

Battery Life

You never can tell when your dog will run off so you need a tracker with reasonable battery life. This is one factor that was on the top of our list.

Subscription Fee

We made sure to put a combination of subscription-free and monthly subscription units on our list. 


There’s no point in having a tracker if you’re not sure it will work when you need it the most. The trackers on our list have been tested and tried by several users.


A tracker is great to have but certain extra features make some better than others. We put into account extra features like health monitoring, voice recording, LED lights, and so on.


They all are GPS-enabled trackers so you don’t have to be too concerned about getting poor signals.


Be prepared to know exactly where your dog is if it ever gets missing. You don’t want to be wishing you made a purchase earlier. We have done the market research to bring to you the best ones available today.

Our picks for the top trackers are:

  • Editor’s choice:  
  • Runner up:  
  • Best battery life:
  • Best for health monitoring:
  • Best for long range with no monthly fee:

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