Daeyoon Cheon 천대윤 Plays Sonata Op.29, No.2 by Diabelli

Daeyoon Cheon 천대윤 performs Guitar Sonata in A Major op.29, No.2, l.Allegro moderato (Arr. Julian Bream) by Anton Diabelli (1781-1858) on a Leonardo de Gregorio Double Top 2021 guitar. This comes via  in Seoul, Korea on their . Great performance by Daeyoon Cheon with some excellent classical articulation and arched phrasing. Also, a pretty decent sonata by Diabelli. Diabelli’s easier works leave a bit to be desired but there is some good content in his larger pieces. He was very active in the Austrian scene as a music publisher, editor and composer which comes out more in his piano repertoire and larger guitar works. 

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