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Re-string midweek - Veritas goodness

It's midweek already, time just zips by when you are pre-occupied with stuff. I'm a little pre-occupied with medical bills, coming fast & hard. The P20 here is the perfect distraction for that bother. I'm just thankful that PRS makes parlor-sized acoustics for people like me who struggles to handle a full-sized acoustic guitar; not the scale length but the body outline. 

I'm a DR convert in the mean time. The Veritas strings sound very crispy; it's that slinky feel when one experiences Ernie Ball strings for the first time but this is the acoustic version of that ecstasy. Also, they last longer than the average acoustic set without being outer coated in any way. They are loud as well, no idea what took place at the factory but they manifest a superior volume projection. DR strings are available at Davis GMC.