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Re-string Jr

I'm still enjoying my P90 moments, maybe it's the coming of age. Maybe I've been listening to doom metal  bands for quite a bit & embrace this choice of pickup for that heavy, fuzz tone. This LP Jr is one of my best P90 tones. Then again, all the P90 equipped guitars I own hold their own in terms of tone.

Fresh set of strings - D'Addario EXP 10s. I have no idea if these are still available off the shelf. This pack is one of those forgotten ones hibernating in one of my guitar bags. It might have been there for a year but knowing D'Addario & their stand for quality, the strings remain usable. Outstanding. Note the slight cosmetic make-over, the Jr's truss rod cover was replaced with a blacked-out version to match the pick guard. I'm also not in favour of truss rod covers that display the model name.