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Tim Murray: Ruminating Thoughts | Playthrough

Hey all! In this video I play through the guitar parts of my latest single, titled "Ruminating Thoughts"! I'm super happy with this release, and think that it some of my best work to date. I hope you think the same as well! Be sure to share this around, if I can grow my Spotify a bit more, I'll be releasing a large chunk of content on there in the near future!
Guitar Tone is courtesy of ML Sound Lab's Amped Flagship plugin paired with a Horizon Devices Nano Attack. A freaking awesome combo! Big thanks to ML Sound Lab for sending me Amped Flagship to check out!
Big shoutout to Solemn Tones for sending over Loki Bass II for me to check out! Given it can go an octave below bass Drop C, this is mega handy for making basslines for baritone/extended range music. More videos to come!

Tim Murray - Ruminating Thoughts | Playthrough

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