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Damir Puh: Split (Solo)

How would you do it? Take on the track as part of Damir's Just Jam Modern Prog release. https://bit.ly/JustJamModProg
This track is called "Split" and this is the bonus solo from the release. Comes with full tab/notation and a whole lot of tapped notes.
Fire up some metal inspired jams over ten hard hitting prog rich tracks. Includes a full solo which shows you exactly how Damir would approach one of the very tracks he has created. With shifting time signatures, in the pocket tempos and PHAT hooks, this is the perfect release riffing, soloing and metronome busting practice.
Includes regular and extended backings, a full solo with tab/notation plus track breakdowns featuring BPM, keys, scale advice and time signature structures.
-- LINKS -- Get the release: https://bit.ly/JustJamModProg

Damir Puh | Split (Solo)