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Videos of Turkish Wildfires Are Like a Vision of Hell

A new video making its round son social media shows how the devastating wildfires in southern Turkey have become.

Fire Beach

New videos show how the devastating wildfires in southern Turkey are turning sandy beach resorts into a scene straight out of an apocalyptic movie.

One video shows residents evacuating a beach while a massive wall of fire shoots gargantuan clouds of dark smoke high into the sky.

Worldwide, wildfires have been devastating this year — and these videos could be a grim foreshadowing of what’s in store for us, as climate change leads toward drier and hotter conditions, year after year.


World on Fire

Regions across the entire globe are currently on fire, from the to remote regions of Siberia that are spreading smoke .

Some of the fires are large enough to create their own weather patterns, triggering and allowing to form.

Turkish authorities are now trying to gain control over a series of forest fires along the country’s Mediterranean coast and southern Aegean regions. Dozens of people were sent to hospitals, , and at least three people have been killed.

It’s a scary new normal — and should come as a stern warning.

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