Daily Inspiration: “Think big and act bold – because otherwise it is far too easy for you to validate your mediocrity!”

“Think big and act bold – because otherwise, it is far too easy for you to validate your mediocrity!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

Most of us have ‘average’ engineered into our DNA.

We are conditioned to be like everyone else, taught to conform, engineered by societal norms to toe the line. The result is that we become like everyone else, never rising above the average mediocrity around us to discover our true potential.

Challenge that!

I’ve long believed that *everyone* has the potential to do great things with their unique passion, their core desire, their one true purpose. You might know what it is and might often think long and hard as to whether you have the courage to pursue it.

And yet, for multiple reasons, you hold yourself back – and find yourself condemned to a series of days, many identical to the last, drowning in a swirling routine of singular sameness

But each and every day, you have the opportunity to take that creative step to commit yourself to bold opportunity.

Is today the day?


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