Airdate: Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is

Stand-up comedy special Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is features actor, writer, producer and comedian Marlon Wayans.

What is Marlon’s life-long fear? Exactly what you would expect: people with outie belly buttons. Marlon digs deeper to explore other fears as well, such as raising a daughter, dealing with a rebellious teenage son, and probably his greatest fear, the realisation that his bad decisions are what tore his family apart. Marlon’s journey towards self-awareness can be encapsulated in the simple phrase… “You know what it is.”

Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is is produced by Ugly Baby Productions and Dakota Pictures. Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez, Troy Miller, Michael Rotenberg, and Steve Harris serve as executive producers.

9pm Saturday August 21 on FOX8 and Binge.


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