Big Brother Recap: Eviction Night #4 (23×13)

Tonight, another HouseGuest is sent out the door, and the next Head of Household competition began live. The result of this competition could determine where the game goes over the next several weeks. But did Whitney or Hannah get their chance to compete in the season’s first endurance competition?

After Julie welcomed us to the show and talking about how the game is going to change, we see quite a bit of gameplay and strategy talk from Tiffany and Kyland. Tiffany has been forming a deep bond with Hannah, and Kyland has been forming a deep bond with Sarah Beth. Tiffany has noticed that most members of the Cookout has a close friend outside of the alliance. Tiffany has Claire, Azah has Britini, Kyland has Sarah Beth, and Hannah has Derek X. Xavier and Derek F. have close relationships with everyone in the house. Tiffany formed a plan with the Cookout that they bring these closer friends to jury, then depending on who is HOH, put a “duo” up on the block, and the Cookout will vote out the opposing person, because they will always have the voting numbers. This is probably one of the smartest plans for an alliance we have seen in some years. If it works out, Tiffany will easily be regarded as one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Of course, all plans are bound to have some holes in it. Azah told Tiffany about some hesitations about Hannah, Tiffany was great to come to her defense, saying that it’s okay to not trust Hannah, as long as the Cookout gets to the final six. Azah was completely unaware that Hannah was even in the Cookout, getting even more suspicious of Tiffany, as well as her loyalty to the Cookout.

Naturally, we do have to take it a week at a time, and we got to see Whitney do a little campaigning to stick around. She tells Alyssa that Hannah will be the first person to target her and Christian, and that after Hannah spoke with Christian, she told Whitney that Christian is playing a horrible game, and that he’s all talk and no action.

This campaigning did not mean anything, as after some speeches, Derek F. casting to “evote,” and way too many Diary Room shoutouts (cast your vote and leave, please) Whitney was evicted in an unanimous 10-0 vote.

Whitney’s answers to Julie’s questions were not very true. She said she was targeting Kyland and Derek X., which she never said she was. She also said she wanted to make really big moves, and bragged about it inside the house, but she rarely did. Since Whitney is not coming back, Julie showed her the Royal Flush alliance (kind of like when she was showing off the Committee last year). Whitney was not surprised it existed, but was shocked at how many people were in it.

Julie brought everyone to the living before the competition, and put the official end to the team twist, along with the Wild Card competition. It is officially everyone for themselves.

Before the comp started, Julie teased that next week, the viewers will have an opportunity to be a part of the next big twist of the season, which we will know more about next week.

The first endurance comp of the season is a the BB classic: the wall comp. Hold on for dear life as a wall tilts back and forth, and cold water spraying down on them. Last one standing wins.

Who will be Nominated?

As this is the endurance comp, there is no new HOH at the time of this posting. I’m logging into the live feeds right now to watch as much of it as I can before heading off to bed. We will see Sunday who wins!

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