Big Brother Recap: Bump, Set, Veto (23×12)

As the game enters entering its first full month, the style of gameplay is something like we haven’t seen in years. Yes, there may be big alliances, but all of them are full of conflicting personalities that they can’t even keep it together on one target. It makes for great strategy, and even better entertainment.

On Sunday, HOH Christian nominated Hannah and Whitney for eviction, the two ladies being the primary targets of the Kings team. However, not many people really know who the target is. Derek X. was confused, Hannah was confused, even Whitney was confused as to why those were Christian’s choices.

Whitney did some damage control with Christian, and he reflected to how he knows that Whitney wanted to take out someone from the Kings team, with Christian being her biggest target of all. Whitney cried it off, saying that she didn’t even say that (when she did), and that she would never target him (but she will). It wasn’t the greatest acting job done by a nominee trying to save themselves, but there have been worse.

They showed two incredibly awkward moments before anything related to the Veto competition. Christian was dared to try “backflip burpees” in the backyard, while they showed Whitney giving Xavier weird hand massages, and Azah was sitting in jealousy, since she has a little crush on Xavier. It was cringe-worthy, honestly, so see these little things happen, when there’s so much game talk that occurred during the week.

When discussing the Veto competition, both nominees want Derek X. to use the Veto on them if he’s picked. On the other hand, the Royal Flush alliance want him to keep the nominations the same to keep everything smooth for the week. It left Derek X. in a bit of a bind being stuck between his team, and his alliance.

After an idiotic segment of the players cleaning the house, players were picked for the Veto competition! Christian picked Claire, Hannah picked Derek X., and Whitney picked Azah.

Sarah Beth was noticeably upset when she wasn’t picked for the Veto, which catches the attention of Tiffany and Hannah. Tiffany starts losing it with Sarah Beth, exclaiming that she doesn’t trust her, and that she should soon be a target.

This Veto competition was one they’ve used in many previous seasons of the show. They had to roll a volleyball over and down a long ramp, and run to the other side to catch the ball. Each time they catch it, they earn a point. If the ball drops, their score goes down to zero. First person to 10 wins. The game was a definite learning curve, because if they pushed the ball too hard, then ball will drop. Derek X. was taking the slower pace, taking his time with each throw so that he could get to the other side. Christian had more stamina, and was able to go as quickly as he could.

It ended up being a two-horse between Derek X. and Christian, with Derek X. almost fully catching up, but Christian remains in power and takes the Veto for himself. That makes him and Derek X. as the only people to have won the Power of Veto so far this season.

While having a conversation on who will be on slop next week (yeah, that still happens), Derek X. implied that only him and Hannah will be on slop, and Whitney heard the whole thing. Derek X.’s slip-up went to attempted apology to Whitney, because it confirmed that she is the one that’s going home this week.

Whitney tried to take advantage of that mistake to persuade Christian to take her off the block and put up Derek X.

However, Christian stayed true to the Royal Flush, and did NOT use the Power of Veto, leaving Whitney and Hannah facing eviction tomorrow night.

I have to say, this might have been one of the worst episodes we’ve had in some time. There’s so much game talk that is happening on the live feeds, and the show’s edit chooses to air workout montages rather than the strategy discussion. I know there’s only so much to put in an hour, and maybe I’m just complaining as someone who pays attention to the feeds, but these people are here to play, and the conversations are great to hear.

Prediction for Eviction:

This vote seems pretty much locked at this point as well, and that’s Whitney. Hannah is too protected by the Cookout, as well as the people on her side from the Royal Flush, and Whitney has lost a lot of traction with people over the week. However, don’t be surprised to see Sarah Beth throw one rogue vote on Hannah, just to stir things up.

The bigger question remains of who the new Head of Household will be! The season’s first endurance competition is tomorrow right after the eviction, and it will be playing out live!

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