Big Brother Recap: The Final Wild Card Competition (23×11)

With three of the most obvious targets in the house gone, week four of the game gives us a new Head of Household, a new target, and the final Wild Card competition of the team phase!

Right after Brent was unanimously evicted, Christian and the Kings won safety for the week, leaving the house a little upset, considering they’re the only team that won’t lose a member during this phase of the game. The Royal Flush alliance feels pretty good about their chances, knowing that they won’t be up on the block. Derek X., the long Ace in the Royal Flush, felt a little nervous about sticking with this alliance, or sticking with his teammates.

During a team meeting in the HOH room, Christian wanted his two targets to be Whitney and Hannah. While Christian seemed to be focused on Whitney, Sarah Beth wanted to turn the focus to Hannah, stating that she’s the smartest person in the house, and knows the game better than anyone. Xavier is in the Cookout with Hannah, so he couldn’t be too vocal about he felt about Hannah being a target.

Derek F. was definitely a little more upset than others about Christian winning HOH, considering his team has been put on the block two weeks in a row, but Azah assured him that Christian is probably not even going to put one of the Jokers up.

We got to see a great segment of Derek X. and Azah talking about their heritage and where they came from. It was so sweet, and was so important in the groundwork for where the show needs to go with selecting its cast.

For the Wild Card competition, Claire and Whitney had to compete since they have not done so yet, and Azah volunteered for the Jokers.

Before the competition, Claire told us in the Diary Room that she needs to win the competition, so that Whitney doesn’t get it, since she’s one of the targets of the week.

The competition was a club theme, and they had to navigate large olives down a a wobbly beam to the end. At random points, the lights would go off to distract the players. If the olives fall off, they have start again.

All three had different strategies: Whitney just rolled the olives as fast as possible, Claire was using her scientific mind to precisely move the olives, and Azah was moving the olives at a pace slower than a turtle. With a competition like this, don’t rule out the AI engineer, as my fellow high school alumni Claire got her olive to the end, and won the final Wild Card competition!

With every Wild Card competition comes the Wild Card decision. The choice was simple: either keep her whole team safe for the week, or have individual safety until the jury phase starts!

After a commercial break and some speculation, Claire decided to keep the safety for herself, meaning Claire is guaranteed a spot on the jury! Hopefully she can make it to the Final 2 chairs rather than the jury, but time will tell on that!

During an alliance meeting with the Royal Flush, Sarah Beth again expressed her interest in targeting Hannah for the week, due to her strong social game, and high level of intelligence. Xavier, Kyland, and Tiffany had to get that target away from Hannah as quickly as she could. Tiffany said that Whitney would be quick to target any of the Kings team overall, but Hannah is a better number to have for loyalty purposes.

Not wanting to nominate the Jokers, Christian talked with this team to see what their thoughts were, and they had the exact thoughts as everyone else: Whitney and Hannah. Derek F. did a little fibbing and said that Whitney was throwing out Christian’s name as a possible target. This was half-true, because people do want to target Christian, but Whitney hadn’t been all about targeting him.

In a one-on-one meeting with Hannah, Christian hinted that she might be put up as a pawn, because Derek X. would probably go home next to Whitney. He was being incredibly vague about it, not necessarily saying that he was going to nominate Hannah when she asked if she was going to be a pawn. Hannah gave a small threat to Christian, saying that putting her up would not be good for his game, since he is arguably the biggest threat in the house. She said that she’s a great ally, and since the players don’t know when the team phase is ending, they want to be sure all bases are covered.

For the nomination ceremony, Christian decided to stick to his gut, and nominated Hannah and Whitney for eviction to begin the week. The general house target is Whitney, but with a few people wanting to go for Hannah, it could cause a flip in the house.

Best Player of the Episode:

This is a no-brainer: Claire! She won a competition that she knew she needed to win, and has secured a spot on the jury. It was a decision I would’ve made if I was in her position, and I’m glad that she was thinking beyond the team phase of the game.

Worst Player of the Episode:

There wasn’t a whole lot of bad gameplay happening tonight because of the editing and the constant talking of targets, but it’s for that reason that I’m picking Sarah Beth as the worst player of this episode. She’s being a little too vocal about wanting to get out Hannah that it’s causing her fellow Royal Flush people to possibly target her in the weeks ahead. It’s one thing to to have a target and throw a name out, but when there’s 13 people still left, being very vocal about targets can be dangerous.

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