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Brendan Fraser has joined the cast of Martin Scorsese’s upcoming western

Everyone loves a Hollywood comeback story, and has given us one that keeps getting better and better. Earlier this year, he delivered some fine work for in , and now he’s landed another choice gig with a treasure of the American cinema.

has tapped Fraser for a role in his upcoming western Killers of the Flower Moon, now in the thick of shooting in Oklahoma. An exclusive from confirms that the actor will appear alongside and in the forthcoming period piece as a lawyer by the name of WS Hamilton.

The Deadline item also included news of another job for Fraser in Brothers, the new film from director Max Barbakow. The specific nature of his character was not revealed in the report, but he’ll costar with , , and . Who among them will be the titular brothers? Only time will tell.

Fraser’s been on something of a hot streak lately, having filmed a key part as an obese shut-in for ’s not so long ago. A handful of name-brand auteurs have gotten wise to a stoic world-weariness in Fraser’s face honed over time, absent from his earlier work in the blockbuster circuit.

Fraser’s an illustration of the long and unlikely paths that a tenacious actor can travel, his years in the biz having taken him from the likes of The Mummy and George of the Jungle to an appearance in a Scorsese epic. After an ordeal no one should have to, his success is just that much more inspiring.

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