Mario Golf: Super Rush Update Adds New Donk City, Ranked Matches & More

A new Mario Golf: Super Rush update is out today and it brings a number of improvements free of charge.

Included in today’s new update is a brand new Ranked Match game mode, a new character in the form of Toadette, a brand new course that will allow players to play golf and roam around New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey, and improved motion controls for those who primarily play with them.

The new Ranked Match game mode will allow players to compete in ranked online matches, either in speed golf or standard mode, and earn points while trying to top the World Rank charts. At the end of each month, your rating will also allow you to qualify for special rewards, including colors and costumes for various characters.

When Toadette hits the game later today, she’ll bring with her giant turnips that she can toss at her opponents, knocking them off course and disrupting their plans at finishing a hole. Toadette also sports a huge pickaxe that she uses as a club when you land a perfect hit, adding even more power to the hit.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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