Eldest Souls: How to Beat Eos, God of Unity (Boss Guide)

Many action games these days are series, and the pixel art boss rush epic, , is no different. Rather than facing off against hordes of underpowered foes though, Eldest Souls pits the player against bosses only.

Since the only enemies that the player must pit themselves against, this means that all of the fights in the game are extremely difficult. One particularly tricky boss fight is the one against Eos God of Unity. This powerful boss is invulnerable in its main form, which means that the player has to be very crafty if they want to bring this boss down at all. This guide shows the player how to defeat Eos God of Unity.


Eos is a really tricky enemy to beat in Eldest Souls. It exists as a kind of dual elemental god that is in control of both water and fire elements. This means that both elements will be used against the player in this fight, and they are really difficult to avoid. When the fight begins the boss will combine both parts of itself together, and while this is the case it will be entirely invulnerable. The player will instead need to discover a way to separate these two pieces in order to deal some damage. Here is in each of its phases:

Phase One

During the first phase of this fight, Eos will start out combined together. While combined, the boss will have a smaller health bar above its main one that will deplete as the player attacks. This is how the player separates the two and moves into phase two of the fight. To get there though, the player will need to fight through many powerful attacks. The first ability that Eos will use is a giant flame that will cover almost the entire platform that they are fighting on. This ability is basically impossible to avoid, but is only triggered from the center of the platform, so the player will want to stay on the outskirts to prevent Eos from using this attack. If this attack is triggered it will leave burning marks on the ground that injure the player, and can only be removed by Eos using his water attack.

Eos also has two separate beam attacks. The fire beam shoots out in a straight line right at the player, whereas the water one comes out as two beams that fire diagonally. The boss will telegraph these moves with colored indicators, red and blue respectively, that show the player which direction they will fire in. Dodge away at the last second to avoid taking damage from these attacks. Eos will also toss out fire and ice balls like grenades. Fire will be thrown in a straight line, so they are easy to avoid, but ice will follow the player around the map. Avoid these attacks and dash in after each one is done to get some free hits on the boss and move on to phase two.

Phase Two

Once the small health bar is depleted, the boss will be ripped apart, and this will . One will be fire, and the other will be water. Both of the spheres will use attacks identical to the ones that they used when combined, but they are not as powerful, nor have as much area of effect. The idea with this form is to avoid these weaker attacks, and get in close to attack either orb. The orbs will only stay like this for a short amount of time before recombining. The player will know this is about to happen when one of the orbs returns to the center of the platform, and stays there while the other continues to attack. There will then be a new phase that enters before the orbs recombine.

Phase Three

The third phase will play out a little differently, depending on which orb returned to the center of the arena during the last phase. If it was the water orb, then the player will need to be very careful to avoid the enemy's attacks. The water orb will remain in the center and start shooting out icy blasts around itself, while the fire orb will float around the outskirts sending out fire blasts as well. The only way to avoid taking damage during this phase is to wait until the blasts are just about to make contact with the player, and then they will need to dash through them. If the player is confident in their abilities they can dash through both blasts simultaneously towards the boss, and then attack it to deal a large amount of damage.

If the fire orb was the one that moved to the center then it won't be worth trying to deal damage to the boss. The fire orb will begin shooting out a massive beam of fire that will rotate around it, and deals a huge amount of damage to the player. The player should run around in a circle to avoid taking damage from this attack, and keep an eye out for the water orb attacks as well. After this is over the fight will enter the fourth phase.

Phase Four

For the final phase of Eos in Eldest Souls, the two orbs will combine again. The player should follow the exact same strategy that they did before in order to bring the boss' bar down as quickly as possible. Once the player breaks them apart, they should rush in and begin dishing out as much damage on the fire orb as they can. It is possible to attack the water orb, but the next part is much easier if the player focuses on the fire one. This will eventually cause the orb to explode and begin firing beams out in a circle. All the player has to do now is keep track of where it will be shooting next, and continue attacking the other orb. With the fire orb destroyed, the two of them are unable to recombine now, so the player should have all the time that they need to bring the water orb down as well. If they keep their guard up, and remember to look out for the same moves that the orb dishes out, they should be able to defeat Eos once and for all.


Eldest Souls can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and PC.