Rustler Preview: Grand Theft Horse | Screen Rant

There has been no shortage of games inspired or influenced by Grand Theft Auto over the years. Few games have been so directly impacted by the series than the upcoming release of Rustler from Jutsu Games and Modus Games, the publisher behind titles such as Cris Tales and Trine 4. Rustler is a GTA 2 styled top-down action game set in historically inaccurate medieval times.

The game channels the pop-culture parody within the GTA series and fuses it with a  to build a world that is as funny as it is chaotic. Rustler will take players on the journey of the main character, Guy, an upstart ruffian with a more-than-loose moral compass willing to get his hands dirty to build a name for himself. Players will do everything from harvesting fields to stealing horses to using them on taxi jobs, all while avoiding the local law enforcement.


Guy's base story intentionally leans into medieval tropes. As a hoodlum whose parents were too lazy to give him an actual name, along with his closest friend, aptly named Buddy, Guy sets out on a mission to win the hand of the princess by winning the local tournament. Rustler veers into the GTA style at that point, though, as players will have to cheat their way into the tournament and break more than a few laws along the way.

Players will get the immediate feel of classic  that sees players running from knights, taking down wanted posters to removed their wanted level, or painting their horse to get away entirely. Combat will feature traditional medieval weaponry such as swords, battle axes, and halberds, along with not-so-traditional options like automatic crossbows. There is even the excellently fitting appearance of the Holy Grenade, with players even reminded to count to 3.

This is paired with Rustler's engaging way of bringing GTA's beloved radio stations into the medieval world. Horses don't exactly have sound systems, so instead, players will have a bard that can follow them around playing music from every genre and even beatboxing. While it's no squire following around players with a set of coconuts, it's still a perfectly on-brand pseudo . Should players get bored of the bard, they can even take the instrument and play a little ditty themselves.

These are just a few examples of Rustler's mix of inspirations, but it doesn't stop there. Throughout the game, players will cross paths with the Spanish Inquisition, deal with witch trials, dig up dragon bones, and more, all while jousting in grand tournaments as any good wannabe knight would. Players can work through the story and side missions all at their own pace or disregard it entirely and simply go medieval on the local town. However players wish to approach it, Rustler provides an entertaining world for any player who ever wondered what would Grand Theft Auto be like if it had horses.


 Rustler is currently available via Early Access on Steam and will release on August 31st for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and full Steam access. Screen Rant was provided access to a private presentation for the purpose of this preview.