Flip or Flop: Christina Threatens to Block Fans Who Criticize Josh Hall

Christina Haack, star of Christina on the Coast and , shared abrupt comments for those sharing negative opinions on her relationship with Josh Hall. Well known for her savvy designs and home decor, Christina is a familiar face to the world of reality television, having been first featured on . Now focused on Christina on the Coast and her new relationship, the reality star is dedicated to her craft and to new beginnings.

Having started off her career on Flip or Flop, Christina has branched out on her own to pursue her gifts. From flipping houses to being followed closely by fans after her famous divorce, Christina has remained relevant with original fans, as well as those just beginning to follow her house-flipping adventures on Christina on the Coast. While her brand of reality television is free of the drama that many offer audiences, her personal life is just the opposite.


Posted on her Instagram, wrote a lengthy post about her expectations from fans and followers, setting boundaries regarding . While the photograph posted features the couple warmly embracing, Christina's language is harsh, her feelings clearly hurt by the comments on her feed. In one of the most shocking comments of the post, Christina wrote, "People are way too concerned about other people's lives. They spend so much time judging others to avoid working on their own s---t." She also claims that these comments are "rude" and "negative people." 

Christina goes from brutal comebacks to sharing about her , protecting them at all costs. While personal attacks and criticism are normal components of fame, Christina pushes back against this harmful normalized abuse and establishes clear boundaries, threatening to "block negative people." As her photo reveals, Christina seems to be happy with her life, unwilling to compromise her well-being or mental health because of the opinions of others.

At some points shocking and at others sentimental, Christina explores the importance of acknowledging the harm of social media and the many ways people use platforms to tear down celebrities. While Christina's post could have handled the situation better at some points, she does make herself clear to followers. on Flip or Flop, Christina pushes forward to look at her life's positive aspects and filter out any harmful energy. With much to say on the issue, Christina does remind followers to "Do what you love with the ones you love," an essential reminder to live to the fullest and to cherish loved ones.