Every Back 4 Blood Playable Character Choice Explained

is Turtle Rock Studios’ spiritual successor to the famed Left 4 Dead series. Like Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is a co-op zombie shooter that features different characters for players to control. Unlike the Left 4 Dead games, however, the characters in Back 4 Blood come with their own passive perks. This elevates the game to a more strategic experience, since combining the right characters in a four-person team can impact decisions and gameplay. Back 4 Blood also has an expansive card system which adds still another layer to the game’s RPG element.

At double the roster of either Left 4 Dead game, Back 4 Blood has eight playable characters (five of whom are available for those who ). Each hero, or ‘Cleaner,’ has three unique advantages that range from precision kill boosts to extra inventory slots, to increased damage or health. At first, the best advice is to pick a character with these defensive advantages, like Doc, Evangelo, or Mom. Extra points of health or trauma resistance are especially helpful when trying to outlive hordes of zombies. Characters who deal extra damage, like Walker or Jim, are great for thinning the crowd or dealing significant blows to the game director’s toughest foes.


On the more macro level, players looking to min/max their supplies, health, or damage can stack character advantages to combine a team that’s particularly hard-hitting, durable, or well-stocked. These advantages can be further enhanced as players build and equip perks from the deck of in-game cards. Holly makes a great pair with Evangelo and Walker, for example, since her boosts to stamina and damage resistance match theirs. However, this team has no extra item slots and no easy way to procure ammo. Hoffman’s capacity for both makes him an excellent pick for this hypothetical squad’s fourth member. Having a well-rounded team that can still lean on a group advantage is the .

Here is each playable character in Back 4 Blood, as well as their perks:


  • Precision kills increase accuracy
  • Extra damage
  • More team health overall


  • Heals low-health enemies without supplies
  • More efficient healing
  • Team resistance to traumas


  • Senses hazards
  • 1 extra quick inventory slot
  • Enhanced team use speed


  • Aims down sights faster
  • Better team weak spot damage
  • Precision kills increase damage


  • Spawns ammo with kills
  • One extra offensive item slot
  • Extra team ammo capacity


  • Breaks out of grabs
  • Regenerates stamina
  • Increased team movement speed


  • Instant Revive
  • One extra support inventory
  • Everyone on the team gets one extra life


  • Kills recover stamina
  • Damage resistance
  • Enhanced stamina for the whole team

With so many characters to choose from, customizability for teams will be a key part of Back 4 Blood. Although five are currently available as part of the early access beta, the others will join the game when it fully releases this October.