Sister Wives: Fans Suspect Christine May Be Selling Her Arizona Home

Fans of TLC's  are suspecting that Christine Brown has put her Arizona home up for sale and questioning what that means for her future in the Brown family. Christine became Kody's third wife in 1994 when she was 24 years old. However, she was never legally married to Kody, as polygamy is not legal everywhere. Christine actually comes from a polygamist family, so she knew what she was getting into prior to agreeing to marry Kody.

Christine recently she's experienced in her 40s, and why this has been such a difficult decade for her. While filming a Cameo for one of her fans, Christine went off on a tangent about another of the sister wives, and explained why she didn't have a great time in her 40s. Known as being mild-tempered and the least confrontational of the wives, Christine claimed that she felt as if she was going insane after turning 40. Looking back, she explained it was symptoms of menopause that were causing her to feel that way. Lucky for her, Christine was able to find a doctor that listened to her and helped her get back on her feet.


Now, the Sister Wives fans are speculating that in Flagstaff, Arizona. It seems like pictures of her house appeared on . According to , Christine currently lives in a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home on about two acres of land. Kody and Christine reportedly bought the home in September 2018 for $520,000. Soon after, Kody transferred the home to her. The warranty deed reportedly states that Christine purchased the home from him for $10. The kitchen is newly renovated and features stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and the family room has a bar and a stone fireplace. Christine lives in the home with the youngest three out of her six children, and they have plenty of room outside to play. Christine often posts beautiful mountain views from her property on her social media accounts, showing off the location of her home. According to this alleged listing, she is selling the home for $725,000.

When the transfer of the home reportedly took place in 2018, fans began speculating that the couple might be splitting after over 20 years of marriage. On , the fans are guessing that Christine could be selling her home as a sign of her . Many are expressing their excitement at the possibility that she is leaving the family. One commenter took it a step further and suggested that the first three wives are all planning on leaving Kody as he continues to show favoritism towards his fourth wife Robin. However, other commenters are not as optimistic, asking in the comments where Kody has decided to move the family to next. They have moved a number of times based on Kody's wishes, so that could be a possibility.

There have been many clues that not all the wives are happy in the situation they find themselves in. Kody's first wife Meri was about finding a tribe that lifts you up rather than tears you down. Janelle is living in the trailer and recently had a family reunion without Kody, and now Christine is selling her home. Could this be the end of one of TLC's most popular shows? After all, the show can't be called Sister Wives if there's only one wife.


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