90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem Stuns By Flashing Cameras During Tell-All

star Angela Deem lost her temper while talking to Michael Ilesanmi's aunt Lydia and shocked her co-stars by flashing the cameras. The hotheaded meemaw is known for her angry outbursts at Michael. This time, however, she got so mad that she bared it all during the Tell-All. Angela and Michael have been facing relationship issues since the beginning of season 6, as the Nigerian native didn't want his wife to have a life-threatening weight loss surgery.

On the other hand, Angela Deem adamantly had gastric sleeve surgery and liposuction along with a breast reduction. Since Michael always loved Angela's natural body, he was a little disappointed to see it change through surgery. He then stopped taking Angela's calls when she talked about getting a facelift. Michael got furious, thinking that his wife when she should save the money for having a baby through IVF. After having several heated arguments with Angela, he ultimately apologized for his behavior, and the couple reconciled.


Alas, Michael still wants to . In turn, Angela doesn't want to have a baby, especially after her massive weight loss. Besides, she is now getting cozy with her plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng. So when the Tell-All show host Shaun Robinson pressed Angela with questions, she admitted going to Dr. Obeng's birthday party. As a result, Michael questioned why Angela had not mentioned this party earlier. In response, Angela asked him to shut up, and that annoyed his aunt Lydia, who told Angela to respect her husband. Check out below the trailer for the Tell-All shared on the official 90 Day Fiancé page on .

The reality TV star Angela Deem exploded and told . She stood up and came closer to the camera while saying, "You will not tell my f**king husband what to do." Angela then bared her chest for the TLC cameras and yelled, "Suck on these brand new f**king t*ts!" Skyla tried to calm her mother down, and Angela's co-stars were shocked to watch her explosive behavior. For example, Ronald Smith, Elizabeth Potthast, and Shaun could be seen shielding their eyes.

Producers blurred Angela's breasts in editing, but other 90 Day Fiancé stars had to witness it without any filters. It is understandable that Angela gets angry whenever Michael's aunt meddles in their relationship. However, Angela should have acted responsibly. Besides, it doesn't seem like anyone directly provoked her to bare her chest on camera - it was a senseless act. She probably did it to bring more viewership and keep 90 Day Fiancé viewers interested in her story.