Animal Crossing Villager Scares Away A Valuable Bug, Frustrating Player

An player trying to net a pricey seasonal bug shared an unlucky clip in which one of their villagers scares the insect off, preventing its capture. The comfy sandbox game has no shortage of curious villager AI, and though frustration from villagers spoiling player's critter catches isn't uncommon, it doesn't make the mishaps any less unenjoyable.

New Horizons is well into its second-year post-release. Players have faithfully documented the game's bugs in online wikis and their Critterpedias during that time. One of the rarer bugs is the goliath beetle, which only appears on trees during evenings in the summer. Like other beetles, it requires careful stealth to catch, as any too-quick misstep will spook the bug and cause it to fly off. at Nook's Cranny. For players saving up for island modifications, that value is too good to pass up.


was mere feet away from ensnaring the illusive goliath beetle in a video they posted to Reddit. But right before they let loose with their net, the villager Audie sprints towards the tree it's on, and the beetle takes to the air and disappears. ButIDigress79's displeasure is palpable following the interaction. They still had their net primed to catch with, and towards the end of the video, they take their dissatisfaction out on Audie by bonking the wolf villager on the head with their net. The clip ends there, but one can imagine an epilogue in which ButIDigress79 exchanges stern remarks with their villager. Fans in the comments were quick to point out, though, that it was likely ButIDigress79 who startled the bug, as villagers cannot scare insects.

Fans of New Horizons may remember stories of Audie reputedly being named after Audrey Buchanan, an elderly Animal Crossing player who enjoyed an impressive 3,500-hour playtime in New Leaf for the 3DS. Audie was first introduced in New Horizons after Buchanan's feat was publicized, and the villager sports a peppy personality. Those points might explain the villager's enthusiasm for exciting rarities, and her running towards ButIDigress79's prospective prize. Unfortunately, it doesn't make the disappointment of seeing a scarce critter lost feel any less sour.

New Horizons players have created a breadth of online content thanks to the availability of clip and picture sharing on the Nintendo Switch. Its community is a hotbed for creativity with boundless possibilities; one player even recently created a . Despite criticism both past and present towards a lack of available content, the base game is still providing memorable experiences worthy of showing to others, even when they're experiences of loss and upset.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch.