Let's Talk About SEVEN SECRETS #11

Seven Secrets #11 is out and Tom Taylor and his team have done it again. The traitor has finally been revealed. This awesome series is written by Taylor, illustrated by Daniele Di Nicuolo, colored by Walter Baiamonte with assistance by Katia Ranalli, and lettered by Ed Dukeshire. BOOM! Studios was kind enough to supply me with a digital copy to read and you can buy your own copy from your local comic shop, (affiliate link), or wherever you like to purchase comics.

The Order’s secrets are bestowed to Eva and as a result an impossible discovery is made, changing everything in its wake. Will Eva be able keep this knowledge from Caspar and fight alongside him to escape the Seeker’s ultimate plot? Stay calm and carry on, as they may just get some help from the Queen of England herself.

Picking up after , Titus gets to have some off-screen fun as he tortures the Prime Minister. Caspar can hear the tortured screams and something happens to him. He drops his case, his eyes glow blue, and he goes to stop Eva and Titus. Eva covers his eyes and that stops them from glowing as he seems to come-to. We have no idea what the heck happened, but we know that Caspar is sensitive as he expresses his dislike for people getting hurt, especially for his sake. Titus and Eva did learn that the Prime Minister isn’t just working with the Seekers, but he is a Seeker and the Seekers are in Thailand.

We then cut back over to Cano and his crew in what used to be Switzerland. There’s nothing left but dust and the first secret. Some fighting occurs as Laquetta and Dimah try to stop Cano from claiming the case for the first secret. Dimah and Dion end up dying and Fel is injured in the fight. Laquetta claims to have seen the future, but then she gets decapitated by Amon. Not only do we learn that Cano is the traitor but we see his face and he and Amon are lovers! WHAT!?

Cano’s face is messed up and someone named Verity is responsible for it. I’ll be honest, I’m sure many saw it coming, but I did not. In hindsight, I can definitely see clues pointing to it, but man, that was a crazy move. Also, that decapitation panel is incredible artwork and coloring! Furthermore, what the heck is the deal with Caspar? I’m so confused now.