J.J. Abrams and Stephen King's THE SHINING Prequel Series OVERLOOK in No Longer Moving Forward at HBO Max

There was one project in the works at HBO Max that I was extremely excited about seeing, and that was J.J. Abrams and Stephen King’s The Shining prequel series Overlook. Unfortunately, that series is no longer moving forward at HBO Max!

According to , “HBO Max brass liked the project but felt it was not a fit for them at this time.” Which just sounds silly to me. Hey! We liked the project but we’re not gonna make it. There’s a decently amount of crappy shows and films on HBO Max, but the one they like gets the axe? Yeah… ok.

Luckily, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. are currently shopping the show to other networks and streaming services, and it’s expected to land at a new home soon.

Overlook will feature iconic characters from The Shining, and it “explores the untold, terrifying stories of the most famous haunted hotel in American fiction.” Like the Hulu series Castle Rock, “Overlook is named after an iconic location from King’s horror universe. In another parallel.”

Castle Rock co-creator/executive producer Dustin Thomason and co-executive producer Scott Brown have been writing Overlook. There are a lot of great stories to tell due to the history of The Overlook Hotel and the land that it was built on. I’ve been excited to see what stories from the Overlook Hotel they end up telling and I really do hope the series finds a new home and ends up getting produced.