Review: DEATH'S DOOR is a Perfect Game

Death’s Door is an action adventure game from Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital that sees players taking on the role of a crow who reaps souls. The game is available now on PC and Xbox for $19.99 and thanks to Devolver Digital, I’ve had a review copy to play on PC.

In Death's Door, you'll team up with a soul-reaping Crow to track down the bird's stolen target. The thief you're pursuing has slipped into a realm untouched by death, brimming with gigantic creatures which have grown far past their normal lifespans. Ready your sword and bow (along with your sense of adventure) as you set out to explore a gorgeous, bleak world uplifted in part through dark comedy.

A lot of my feelings from are still accurate after playing the game for even longer. The artwork is gorgeous. The gameplay is smooth. The music is the embodiment of perfection. The story is really good too. There’s also a fun sense of humor all throughout the game to endear you to the characters and world. Another fun thing that I’ve learned about since the first impressions is that you get more weapons of different kinds like a lightning hammer. There are even different ranged attack options that you’ll need to get to solve puzzles and progress which is fantastic. The variation provides for fun options and helps the game from feeling stale.

One complaint that I have is that I feel the game could be a hair easier. As it is, the game can prove to be rather challenging with many attempts needed. I actually don’t mind the challenge level as it’s just a really fun game that feels doable even when you fail. However, if I were to change something, it would be making it a hair easier. I also wouldn’t mind a visual to help know where exactly I’m aiming my ranged attacks, but that is, once again, something very small.

Death’s Door is an incredible game with fun puzzles, great action, fun art, and one of my favorite video game soundtracks ever. This very well could be my pick for game of the year. I cannot recommend this enough.