Matt Damon Discusses The Possibility of OCEANS 14 and Says He's Ready To Work on It

I sure do enjoy those three Ocean’s movies that director Steven Soderbergh made. Those heist films are so much damn fun to watch! I revisit them every once in a while and they never get old! I’ve actually thought it would be fun to revisit these characters at some point in Ocean’s 14. I don’t expect it to ever happen, but if it does, Matt Damon says he’s ready to jump on board.

When asked about the possibility of Ocean’s 14 ever happening on the , the actor shared that he’s been ready for it ever since he wrapped on Ocean’s 13:

"That’s been my standing position since we wrapped Ocean's 13, since the day we wrapped it, I'm ready to work on Ocean’s 14. It's, it's always been about how would it look, you know, we've lost two members of our gang, you know, Bernie [Mac] and Carl [Reiner] and, uh, and so what, what would that move you look like? And so that would be up to a great screenwriter to figure out and, and, you know, but the guys, we're, we're all still in touch with each other. We have great friendships that came out of that movie and, and, you know, we we'd certainly always be game to return I think."

Well crap! If everyone is open to returning for another Ocean’s film, they should do it! I guess the big question is, does Soderbergh want to jump back into that world and continue to play with these characters? I hope that one day he does because I bet these guys could deliver another great sequel. What do you think?

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