Hasbro Launches a New Line of GHOSTBUSTERS Toys to Enjoy

Hasbro has recently revealed a new line of toys for Ghostbusters fans called Fright Features. The Fright Features line will feature 5” figures geared towards children. The figures won’t be as detailed and feature a more cartoonish look than the Ghostbusters: Afterlife figures, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be fun to play with. The figures are designed to appeal to fans of the classic films as well as the upcoming Afterlife, and each figure comes with its own ghost to hunt and trap. The first wave of figures will focus on the classic characters – Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore – with the second wave focusing on a new generation – Phoebe, Trevor, Podcast, and Lucky. Each figure will cost $10.99. The first wave is available now with wave two launching this fall.

In addition, the Fright Features line is releasing its own Ecto-1 for your new figures to fit in. The vehicle even has the gunner seat seen in the trailer for Afterlife and an RTV (Remote Trap Vehicle). All of this will only cost $24.99. The Ecto-1 is available now.

Finally, three classic monsters are getting the Fright Features treatment. For $9.99 each, fans will be able to get a Slimer with an unhinging jaw, a Muncher that spits junk, and a Stay Puft Marhmallow Man that comes apart. The ghosts are available now.