Essential Oils DIY: Make a Simple Trashcan Deodorizer

, for smart, simple ways to use essential oils around the house, from disinfecting to keeping bugs at bay. Today’s installment: how to make an all-natural deodorizing blend for the trashcan and beyond.

Current Obsessions Upcycled Finds Gorgeous garbage: Enameled steel kitchen pedal bin trash can from Garden Trading in Michelle McKenna's London townhouse. Matthew Williams photo. Above: Add a few drops of this essential oil blend to problem areas like the kitchen bin. (To source this trashcan, see .)

When used cleverly, just a few drops of essential oils combat unpleasant household odors. “Tough odors exist all over the home, from garbage cans to closets and bathrooms as well as pet beds and carpets,” De La Fuente says. Remodelista editors have been known to put a few drops at the bottom of our kitchen trashcans, but the below mixture can also be dabbed on cotton balls and placed in problem areas or added to a diffuser for full-room coverage.

How to make a trashcan deodorizer:

  • 20 drops

  • 8 drops

  • 4 drops

Add to a small glass bottle and shake well.

N.B.: Take care before using essential oils, and always test in a small, discrete area before applying to skin, fabric, or furniture. “Essential oils are the most potent form of plant medicine and must be respected and handled with care. Some essential oils may have contraindications for use when pregnant or for people with health conditions or skin sensitivities,” De La Fuente says. Consider consulting your physician (and your vet) before using.

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N.B. This post has been updated; the original story ran on May 26, 2017.