The One “Entire House” Paint Trick That Stole Our Hearts (+ A Bunch Other Ideas To Feast Your Eyes On)

I equate those quiet design details that you only probably clock at a second or third look to the background music in a movie or tv show. You’re so wrapped up in the “big picture” that you don’t realize a big part of what is drawing you in is the emotion of the music. What is Jaws without the “duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun“. Ok, a horror movie isn’t the ideal example when comparing it to a look at a beautifully designed home but you’re catching my drift, right? Actually, this has kinda been a very detail-oriented week if you also read on Tuesday. This really just goes to show that while decision exhaustion is super real and time is definitely money, just try and take a little time to dream up some small special moments. I promise you won’t regret it and they don’t have to be expensive.

So before we get into the very cool/smart paint trick the homeowners actually did on their own, I had some questions about the design because look at where they started…

Here is a totally functional kitchen but given this home’s Spanish-style roots, there was a huge opportunity to bring back the soul of this room…and well, every room.

This lovely space off of the front door is now the dining room. Don’t worry. The arch and windows stayed and the blue carpet said bye-bye.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the whole transformation of this space, just a small peek, but you’ll want to remember that doorway that goes into that VERY blue room:) Ok onto the good stuff.

| | | | Accessories and Decor (not available)

A 1000xBetter are total masters at mixing textures and woods (remember owner, ?) Naturally, I wanted to know their multi wood mixing secret and this is what she said:

We actually love to mix different types of woods, but there definitely has to be a method to the madness. There should always be some consistency in tones. One wood can definitely be lighter or darker than the other as long as the tones pair well together. For example, I wouldn’t pair an ashy-colored wood with one that has a yellow base. If one wood has a lot of grain then I would pair it with wood that’s a little quieter so that you are not getting into something that looks excessively textured or is too busy on the eye.

Ok so to recap what you need to have when mixing different kinds of wood in the same space:

  • Some consistency in tones (aka don’t mix super ashy with yellow base).
  • Don’t have all the same grain intensity. Some grainy, some not as grainy.

| | Island (custom design by )

As you can see, all of the wood tones have a nice, slightly warm undertone and use a slightly less grainy, more modern light wood for the cabinets, open shelving, and lighting accents. Then a rich darker and grainer wood for those really special stools and beautiful floors.

FUN FACT: The cabinet wood was when cut. That they have nice straight grain lines and zero sheen. Kirsten said that they chose that custom color finish because it evoked qualities of aged millwork. Very smart.

I also want you to notice how the darker wood tones are heavier on the bottom half and just get lighter are your eye goes up. That helps to make the space feel bigger, brighter and the ceilings taller. But to make sure it’s still visually balanced they styled the counter and shelves with a mix of darker-toned decor and add those stunning black pendants.

| |

I also am so sorry to let you that all of those beautiful accessories and ceramics are the homeowners (actually I was told that the owner is a very talented ceramicist which is VERY clear if you look at all of the ceramics in the house:))

OK, HERE IT IS! The easy trick I’ve been holding onto. Look at that dark interior door frame trim color!! That also matches the window trim color!!! This isn’t the best shot of it (there’s a better one in a minute) but what an easy, affordable, and visually IMPACTFUL detail.

I love how it’s literally just in the frame but that’s also because of the style of the door. I think it adds so much soul and is really in line with the home’s original style.

| Furniture (not available) |

O and look at the dining room transformation. See how the windows got that chic upgrade with the darker paint color? Also, the flooring is perfect and again the mix of wood varietals is on point.

This is that doorway I told you to remember! By removing the beam that was lining the top of the door and painting the interior framing dark, it now looks like you are going into a really cool secret room. And honestly, that’s not wrong because look.

How stunning is this custom cabinetry? The wood is bursting with soulfulness and the mid-century modern style really makes the room/home feel really fresh. This mixing of styles and it specifically being mid-century modern was one thing that was important to the client.

I also really love how they made sure to have a variety of open and closed storage and not perfectly line up the cabinetry with the passthrough door doorframe. It gives a little breathing room to the door and the room itself. Oh and there’s your little sneak peek into that large (probably TV?) room.

The design of this room feels really lived in because of the maximalist bookshelf styling (with books that the owners have probably actually read) and the variety of textures. I would feel very cozy and incredibly sophisticated reading in this room.

So aside from my excitement over the painted interior door frames, this powder bathroom you are about to see is really freaking cool.

Sink (custom design by ) | |

I think we have said 19,374,985,437,854,390x that a powder bathroom is a great time to take a design risk whether that be a bold paint color, wallpaper pattern, and/or a cool tile. Do one or maybe do all, it’s up to you! Well, the lead designer on this home, , may have skipped the wallpaper but he dove hard into dark bold colors, a modern Spanish tile pattern, and designed a killer custom vanity. All of it, perfect.

So yes, I am sorry to say that sink is not for sale anywhere so we all just have to look at these photos and pretend that we live there. And I’m likely pointing out the obvious here but that sink lip with the live edge wood tray is so good. What a creative way to create some counterspace.


Ah, there’s that magical tile. Ok, I’m going to stop gushing now.

Hopefully, you can now feel more confident in your wood mixing skills, and please if you can paint the inside of your door frames, DO IT:)

So what was your favorite element??

Love you, mean it.

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