Calling All Portland Maker, Artist, And Vintage Dealers – Farmhouse Style

One of the best things about moving back to Portland is the amount of artistic, creative, and talented artists and makers there are, and the strong community they form. For years ago we borrowed a ton of art (because it was for staging the house) that was featured on the blog (and many purchased by myself, my brother, and the new homeowner) but I couldn’t believe the abundance of talent. For the farm, I not only want to collaborate with artists (but honestly I have a TON of art and we have way less wall space) but also furniture makers and vintage sellers. We are still at the stages of figuring out what we NEED and knowing that comfort is key. But I wanted to get these conversations going and if nothing else create a spot where other PDX folk (or general PNW) can find and support local small businesses.

It’s been 3 years since the first Portland project and I honestly don’t know the landscape up there, besides dabbling on social media. So leave in the comments any you know and love, so we can start pulling together posts as well as reaching out if something feels like the right fit for our home and family. I’ll never not love all (amongst others) or all the pottery I bought from – still some of my favorite pieces in the mountain house (shipped down from PDX and coming back up with me :)). And I recently discovered (maybe a lamp collaboration?) and of course, I love . So I figured the best way to get a solid list going is just to ask. 🙂

I’m so excited about the artistic community up there, seriously. While I’m still nervous to move back to a city with all the natural pulls that come with that (and warning, might be not-so social for a while as we get our life settled) the designers, artists, makers, and vintage dealers are a huge reason we felt that this was the right decision.

So who do you all know and love???

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