NEW – HRC Servo Digital – HV High Speed – Brushless – Titanium Gear – Waterproof – Double Ball Bearing

HRC RACING invested all their experience and know how into the HRC68144HVBL servo to create this monster servo. The HRC68144HVBL servo is the ultimative choice for all R/C models where power and speed is needed. The high quality brushless motor combine incredible high power with high speed longer lifetime. Built in high durable and low noise HRC Titanium HSS gears bring you to the finish line race by race. A full CNC milled servo case made of lightweight aluminium reduce heat during agressive driving. Of course we designed this servo waterproof!

HRC RACING servos are known for its quality and performance. Each servo match the high quality standards of HRC RACING. High precision and durability at lowest weight to offer the best performace to your R/C model.


Voltage: 4.8 ~ 8.4 Volts

Signal type: Digital

Motor type: Brushless

Gear: Titanium HSS

Case: Full Aluminium, Waterproof

Torque: 27.5kg/cm @ 4.8V // 31.8kg/cm @ 6.0V // 38.2 kg/cm @ 7.4V // 44.0kg/cm @ 8.4V

Speed: 0.13s/60° @ 4.8V // 0.10s/60° @ 6.0V // 0.09s/60° @ 7.4V // 0.08s/60° @ 8.4V

Support: SANWA SHR

Dimensions: 40×37.5×20 mm

Weight: 74 gr

Case: Full Aluminium Case

Servo Arm: 25 splines

Cable: 265mm 22AWG

Connector: JR