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The Weekend Reset: Supervillans, Somen, and Songs

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It’s Friday. Looking for something to switch up your weekend, or to give you an excuse to relax a little? That’s what the Weekend Reset is for. Each week we’ll pull together five things to get your weekend started. Could be something to read or watch, something to eat or listen to, or even something to do. Enjoy the weekend fellas.



This. Movie. Looks. BONKERS. The Suicide Squad (which is neither a remake nor a sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad, but more of a reboot) is James Gunn’s latest comic book film, and his very first for DC, after helming two Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel. A supervillain team up movie with an R rating, this looks like the perfect vehicle for Gunn’s signature blend of humor, heart, and blood — and I can’t wait to see it. Out today in theaters and on .



There’s nothing quite as refreshing as an icy cold meal on a hot, humid day. Here, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt shows us the technique for making an incredibly simple, perfect hot-weather dish: cold somen noodles, dipped in an icy broth made from a combination of dashi (Japanese fish/seaweed broth), mirin (Japanese rice wine), and soy sauce. Though you may not be familiar with some of these ingredients, they’re widely available in the Asian foods aisle of most big chain supermarkets, or on Amazon — and the result is a dish you’ll want to make all summer long. (Pro-tip: I use powdered “Hondashi” for my dashi broth, and it works great.)


GO: Hiking

There’s nothing quite like a nature hike on a beautiful summer day. There are so many wonderful, off-the-beaten path trails all over the US. Maybe this is a great weekend to find a local hike, strap on some boots, pack a backpack of snacks and water, and go out on an adventure? And for those of you who can stomach an early morning — try getting up before the crack of dawn and starting your hike while it’s still a little dark out. You’ll beat the summer heat — and get to watch a sunrise from a trail or mountaintop to boot. Photo by on . 



Summer is the perfect time to get lost in a mystery — and there there’s no more classic set of mysteries than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic collection of short stories, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which will have you smacking your forehead and saying “OF COURSE!” every thirty pages. Looking for a meatier, longer adventure? Try one of Doyle’s Sherlock novels. I’ve got a personal soft spot for , but they’re all great.



Somehow, I missed Dave’s first album, Psychodrama, when it came out in 2019, in spite of it winning the Mercury Prize and a whole host of other awards. But I’m glad I didn’t miss this one. This is hip-hop at its most personal and socially relevant, a story-driven album about the challenges and traumas of growing up as a child of immigrants in South London in the ’90s and ’00s.

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