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Style Scenario: Shorts Sneakers Tee – Cool Colored Tech Wear for the Heat

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 is a riff on our series for . Incredibly basic? You bet. So basic that you’d almost think this is satire (it’s not… I don’t think). But crazy designer logo tees, grubby cargo shorts, and  (snatresses!) can all push this seemingly basic combo off the rails. There’s a million ways to do it and look sharp, and it can be executed at all levels of style budgets. Got a suggestion for Shorts Sneakers T-Shirts? Send those into joe@dappered.com.

The T-Shirt: . Bit of a pro-tip here: If you like tech-wear but don’t like how a lot of it can run big and loose, look for a brand’s soccer shirts (training or otherwise). Usually soccer gear is a bit trimmer compared to the basic workout-lines. And these are proof. A size Large fits my 5’10″/185 lb frame pretty darn great. Smooth, wicking, breathable fabric made from 100% recycled poly fibers. Micro perforated back for extra air-flow. And you get the sweet retro-styled arm stripes. Looks like one of those old-school “ringer” tees, only made from high-performance fabric. More than a couple colors to pick from, so if you think the navy would be too dark in the sun, grab one of the white ones.

The Shorts: . Shockingly good for Old Navy. Lightweight, breathable, mesh lined pockets keep the air moving, and they feel surprisingly… good? Good, for such a cheap Old Navy product? They’ve quickly become a favorite. if that’s more your deal. Light heather gray option is shown in this post.

The Sneakers: . More expensive than the old leather options, but now more sustainable. Whereas the previous version of this shoe came with upgraded leather compared to the run-of-the-mill Stans, the new version is built in what Adidas calls a “Primegreen” upper using recycled materials as part of their push toward a more sustainable and responsible future of manufacturing.

The Sunglasses: . That translucent, matte “cola” brown frame with the slate lenses really is something. Cheap too!

The Watch:  w/ . The dirt cheap, gateway automatic diver on a super smooth  NATO strap. All for a hundred bucks total.

The Belt: . Dead simple, and perfect for summer when a leather belt can look (and feel) a little “heavy”. Super cheap. Ships fast with Amazon Prime.

The Socks: . Go with Bombas here. . (Thanks Ryan!!) You want your feet comfortable. Especially in the heat.