Travis Scott Gets Into Business With A24 Films

Travis Scott

Travis Scott has signed a deal with A24 films.

The rapper’s Cactus Jack Films has partnered with the content studio whose credits include the films Moonlight, The Florida Project, Midsommer and Uncut Gems, and the television series Ramy and Euphoria, among many other projects, as reported by Variety. 

Scott announced the collaboration on Instagram with a photo of a first draft script with the A24 logo and the mostly-censored title Utopia. The rapper has previously dropped clues that his Astroworld follow-up will be named Utopia. In addition, insiders have told Variety that Scott’s first ‘special project’ with A24 will align with his album.

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A24 has received some 25 Academy Award nominations and is affiliated with several Oscar winners including Room, The Lighthouse and Ex Machina. Cactus Jack is the multi-product mini-empire of Scott’s which includes alliances with McDonald’s and Fortnite, among other brands that feature elements of fashion, gaming and filmmaking.


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Scott’s upcoming fourth album is the follow-up to his previous album Astroworld. Speaking to Variety in an interview earlier this year, the rapper said, “I’m totally working on an album — I definitely care more about making albums than just dropping songs. I like dropping songs as much as I wanna drop them, but I love albums — I grew up on them.”

On another work front, he will be on a new Kanye West track called Praise God, which West premiered at his Atlanta album listening event on July 22.

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