MICHAEL EASTER | Seek and Embrace Discomfort

Our innate pursuit of comfort is the enemy of achievement and, yet, we’ve failed collectively to keep our biological hardwiring to seek the path of least resistance in check. Why is that? Why is it that we know we should seek discomfort yet find it so difficult to do?

That’s the topic of my conversation today with Michael Easter, the author of The Comfort Crisis. Today, Michael and I discuss the damage of helicopter and “snow plow” parenting, the psychological programming that keeps us from achievement, the concept of Mysogi and embracing annual challenges, how a healthy relationship with death keeps people fulfilled, and ultimately what you can do to overcome the Comfort Crisis that permeates every fabric of society.

“Having to really struggle through something…and maybe even failing, you’re still going to get beyond what you ever though you were capable of.” — Michael Easter

Michael Easter

Michael Easter

My guest today is Michael Easter. He is the author of his new book, The Comfort Crisis. He is also a contributing editor for Men’s Health Magazine and a columnist for Outside Magazine.

His work has also appeared in Men’s Journal, Vice, Scientific American, and Esquire.

I was introduced to Michael through my good friend, Donnie Vincent, after Michael’s experience with Donnie (which he details in the book). And, I’m honored to have him join me considering his immense research and participation in the looming Comfort Crisis.

“When you go through that discomfort [of boredom] you’ll find that your mind will go some place a lot more interesting, and beneficial, and different than anything that you’re going to find on your 79th check of instagram.” — Michael Easter

Show Highlights

  • Life really isn’t that hard

  • Parents seeking guidance from, rather thank giving guidance to, their kids

  • Snow plow parenting

  • Measuring happiness

  • The value in considering your own death

  • Challenges are required for true happiness

  • Finding the balance between seeking comfort and challenging ourselves

  • Why do we need to exercise

  • How do we push ourselves mentally and emotionally

  • The benefits and drawbacks of routine

  • Finding value in boredom

  • Put your ego aside: try to suck at something

“To improve your life in some way or another you have to go through discomfort, its usually not easy.” — Michael Easter


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